Artist Profile: Gloria Green

By day, Gloria Green works as a Clinical Dietician in the Pediatric Oncology Unit at the Hospital for SickKids. By night and weekends, she is an abstract artist. She paints anywhere there is space even covering her house all over with tarp when she’s about to create her beautiful artwork.

“Whatever transpires during the day, it comes out on the canvas, subconsciously or consciously, I’m not even sure,” she states. “It’s like going away, but I’m here. I’m in my own little world.”

Just over ten years ago she moved into her home, which she turned into her very own studio. The beautiful space was completely bare and had sixteen feet ceilings. At the time, she was not collecting art yet and thought to herself that instead of buying she could attempt painting. After that, she bought a canvas, some paint, and entered the abstract world by dabbing her paintbrush and taking her first strokes onto the canvas.

Dot Calm Magnified Red

After her first few pieces, she decided to take art classes at Avenue Road Arts School. The instructor, Lydia along with the other fellow artists, inspired Green. The community created at Avenue Road Arts School encouraged her passion for the arts. They urged her to pursue this dream after they came to see some of Gloria’s work in show.

“Ever since then, I’ve been hooked,” Green confesses. “And I can’t imagine that I never did paint. I love it.”

Green’s collection that will be exhibited at the Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair include pieces that are done with circle work. The evolution of the idea is not linear, admitting she is mildly obsessed with doing them lately because the shape, design, and colour combinations have no limit to where she can go with the idea.

gloria green-13

“The circle can mean many things,” says Green. “It doesn’t end; the circle of life. I can be small or I can be big. I can be minimal; I can be bright and bold. I recall sitting in rounds at the hospital, and they were showing stained slides of cells. I saw the colours and the design and maybe from that, subconsciously, I decided to repeat that pattern. But not meaning to be that, more meaning to fun and playful and uplifting, which I am hoping they are.”

Besides the circle work, she always tries to dabble in new techniques. Though she doesn’t necessarily seek out new techniques, she feels they evolve organically through her life experiences, even with outside factors such as fashion, music, design, the time of year, weather and relationships.

Green has been in a number of venues including nontraditional spaces such as Seven Grams Espresso Bar and Sorrel Restaurant, as well as classic venues like Leonardo Gallery, Wellington Street Art Gallery, and Studio Vogue Gallery. Green has donated two pieces of her work from the “Fluid Series collection” to SickKids. One of the pieces, “Waves of Hope”, is in the Oncology Day Unit while the other piece is in the Peter Gilgan Research Centre for Learning, called “Limitless”.

“Limitless resonated for the space,” she smiles. “Limitless in what we can do in terms of research, helping, and science. Limitless in what we can find and do.”

Balloon Bouquet 1000

Green’s upcoming projects include the ARTP Art Exhibit February 26th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Peter Gilgin Centre for Research and Learning at SickKids. The next project will be presented at the Havdallah Jazz and Art Event at the Beth Torah Synagogue on March 7th, and finally the SickKids Resident Charity Formal on April 11th. Her piece “Charmed” (acrylic on canvas) will be on exhibit at the Constituency office of Chrystia Freeland, MP, at Yonge and Rosedale as well.

Gloria Green will be at the Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair February 19th-22nd, at booth 615. Hashtag #gloriagreen #artistproject #novellamag so we can keep track of your art viewing at the Art Fair.