ARTATTACK: An Auction in Support of Buddies in Bad Times


On November 10th, Buddies at Bad Times Theatre most outrageous fundraising event ARTATTACK is back with a remarkable line-up of artists to help the support of the largest and longest-running LGBT theatre in the world. We had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Dotey, one of the curators, about this year’s event.

1. How did this years summer camp theme come about?

Each year the ArtAttack team chooses something fun and inspiring, but also a little subversive. For most of us summer camp is a happy memory, but it’s also about first-time experiences and some DIY fun. Alone without adults for the first time ever, you could get yourself into some worthwhile trouble.

2. Can you tell us about your role in planning ARTATTACK?

I help curate the Tuck Shop; I’m one of several who procures work from local and international artists. Buddies isn’t a hard sell. Artists are very enthusiastic about donating.

3. Who are some of the artists participating this year?

I’m excited to have a work by a Parisian illustrator, Florent Manelli. It just cleared customs this week. Pansy Ass Ceramics are donating a few pieces (they do things with plates that would make your grandma blush), and Melinda Josie, a local illustrator that’s done some amazing work for The New York Times has donated a great edition of prints.

Pansy Ass Ceramics Good Vibrations

4. Can you give us some insight on The Rock Hudson Memorial Tuck Shop?

It’s the demented offspring of one Mr. Keith Cole. His mission is to open ArtAttack to more people using accessible price points. Our ceiling is set $200.00, and it’s cash and carry; no bids, and no going back to the bar while you think about that one cute print you saw. I made that mistake last year and it was snatched up.

5. For those who have yet attend ARTATTACK, what can they expect?

Noisy fun! Really, it’s loud. The night begins as guests arrive and inspect the lots of art in our antechamber, and if they wish, request a paddle to use in bidding. Once we start, a professional auctioneer presides over the evening, and our host introduces each work as it is brought onstage. Bidding can escalate quickly; some people arrive with a plan to bring something specific home with them, and the stakes get high. We have performers throughout the night, and Steamwhistle Brewery makes sure nobody is thirsty.

For tickets and more information on ARTATTACK!, visit here