About Last Night: Into The Woods

Into the Woods - 1

In a collaboration between Mary Lynne Atkinson and Pauline Bradshaw, Into The Woods opened this weekend, a series showcasing the duo’s deep connection to the wildness and each artist’s relationship with wood, colour, and light.

In a medley of urban and rural landscapes, the artists both use their unique style and technique to bring the wood in their paintings to life. Atkinson attests that herself and her husband spend a lot of time camping, and that as she spent more time in the woods, she began to notice certain nuances, shapes, and effects that light had on branches, trees and leaves around her campsites.

Into the Woods - 3

“I would take these objects and place them on fabric and ceramics, to see how they would interact with one another,” said Bradshaw. Studying under Michael John Angel, she had perfected her craft as a still life painter, and was asked to join Atkinson to do a show in the Louvre in Paris in 2012, through the Sociéte Nationale des Beaux-Arts. Coincidentally, both women are from the Barrie area, and came together to create this series over their adoration of the same muse.

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“I see the beauty in places people might just pass by, and when I walk into the woods, I capture the beauty of the leaves, the crispness, the smell. My studio in my home looks out onto a conservation area, so I have complete reference material right out the window,” Atkinson said. “I’m deeply connected to the land and the landscape, and it inspires me and my work; it also gives me a lot of respite and comfort, because when I step into the woods, I feel that peace, quiet, and stillness.”

Into The Woods runs until Saturday, November 28th at The Urban Gallery, 400 Queen Street East. Visit http://www.urbangallery.ca/ for more details.

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