About Last Night: Gilmore Girlprov

Okay, you caught me. This wasn’t actually last night. But the night before last night was a ton of fun at Gilmore Girlprov, the monthly improv comedy set put on by Hot Cousin Productions Comedy. As one might have guessed, the whole thing is inspired by Gilmore Girls — as if improv could have gotten any quirkier.

At the beginning of the show (which takes place at Comedy Bar, by the way), host Chelsea Jayne Bray engaged with the audience, collecting their suggestions for various calamities the characters could find themselves ensnared in. Once the viewers’ ideas were in, comedian Amanda Brooke Perrin, who’s set to appear on Just for Laughs soon, stepped onto the stage and was, of course, hilarious. Once she’d whet the audience’s comedic palates, the show began.

Image Courtesy of Hot Cousin Productions
Image Courtesy of Hot Cousin Productions

The whole thing was as adorable as it was funny, with actors who embraced their characters with the skill of true Gilmore Girls fans. Not like I would truly know, since I’ve never personally seen an episode — but despite that, the series of skits were a hoot. Although, future attendees, take note: if you want to up your chances of winning cupcakes and Twizzlers and chips during the mid-show trivia break, I’d binge-watch the entire series beforehand.

I was particularly intrigued by Adele Dicks and Kristy LaPointe, who played Lorelai and Rory Gilmore respectively, and happen to be the leading ladies of Hot Cousin. Before the show even started, I could tell it was going to be good just by reading their words in the pamphlet: “When we set up the first Gilmore Girlprov, we hoped it would be a fun, weird, one-time thing,” they write. “And then we did another. And another. No one is more surprised than we are at the success of our little show.”


Yes, this was Girlprov’s sixth month in existence, and it’s still going strong. The freshness of the concept and the talent that come together to make it happen have stolen the hearts of Torontonians over the past half-year, making this monthly show the perfect pick-me-up.