3 Designers that owned the ‘Mix & Match’ Trend at TOM*FW – Day 2

The hot new ‘mix and match’ trend isn’t the easiest to pull off. It’s one of those trends you either love or hate, there’s really no in-between. Yesterday, during the second day of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, there were three designers that took this exciting yet risky challenge and captured this trend for their Fall/Winter 2015 collections.

1 Rank By Rani Kim
Photo by Celia Fernandez

After her EMDA debut at TOM* last season, Rank by Rani Kim surpassed herself by bringing a collection full of cocoon over-sized silhouettes and mixing and matching fabrics. She experimented with shapes, layers and texture taking her collection to a whole new level.

2Venturist C
Photo by Celia Fernandez

Inspired by a ‘cyclist’ theme, Venturist Commuter showcased a collection with a huge variety of hand-painted details on its pieces. It became almost a patchwork game by mixing and matching out of the box prints together such as combining green leopard printed cuffs with two tone grey hoodies.

3 Worht By David
Photo by Celia Fernandez

The most dramatic and eccentric collection was showcased by Worth by David C. Wigley. Metallic pieces with velvet shorts or a moto-jacket paired with a traditional Scottish tartan skirt proved David has an extraordinary imagination and has the ability to tell a unique fairytale through his designs.